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4 Ways To Spruce Up Your Interior Design Like A Pro

Quick and easy changes you can make to beautify your home with creative flair.

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You don’t need to be an interior design connoisseur to know how to mix and match pieces and designs to give your home a little beauty face lift. It can be easy to cling to the usual colors and trying to keep everything matched perfectly but we did a little research and found out some easy yet smart ways to keep your space fresh.

1. Mix Up Colors

Having a uniformed theme or the same color throughout your house can get boring and limit your creativity too. We recommend mixing up the basics or neutrals with something to give it a little jumpstart. For example, blacks and whites blend beautifully with some gold accents.

Source: Interior Design Ideas

2. Play With Patterns

When playing with patterns, choose up to four different prints that have a similar element to them. Pick styles within the same color palette and use neutral shades in between. This will help the patterns blend seamlessly without creating a messy look.

Source: Essential Home

3. Metal & Wood

Combining metal accents with wooden decor can help elevate any room. It plays with the ambiance of the room giving it a rustic yet tranquil vibe.

Source: YouTube

4. Textured Elements

Last but not least, emphasize your furniture by juxtaposing rough textures with smooth textures to create a cosy look. Try using contrasting patterns and textures – such as velvet and satin – and start with smaller items such as cushions and rugs.

Source: Interior Design Ideas

Source: Harper’s Bazaar Arabia

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