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11 Ways to Regain Concentration & Mind Power !!!

For Ages : 8 Years and Above


We live in a world full of competition and speedy hours. Most of time schedules are either built with appointments, meetings, driving stress, traffic, noise busters, mobile alarms and last but not the least constant vision occupancy on mobile devices and Ipads. Here are some suitable recommendations apart from some snatchy diet plans for all us to evade from daily routine and grasp our mind concentration and memory power.


1. Praying Five Times a Day

2. Visiting Parks

3. Writing Notes, Diary or Sketching


4. Cycle Riding / Jogging – Morning Time

5. Visiting Libraries

6. Visiting Monuments, Art Houses, Galleries or Exhibition

7. Taking a Sound Sleep after Cleaning your Room.

8. Deep Diving or Swimming

9. Dining or Coffee Time with Family

10. Meditation or Stretching Exercise

11. Playing Puzzle, Board games or Indoor Games.


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