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5 Quick and Easy Ways to Style a Modest Abaya

If you’re a true lover of abaya, then you must go through this article that imparts a number of ways to style abaya modestly yet fashionable!

  1. For some an abaya is a plain full-length dress, however for Islamic women an abaya’s significance is beyond fashion and clothing. It is a perfect blend of femininity, modesty, delicacy and functionality in a single piece. Apart from being simple, an abaya is incredibly comfortable and easy to drape. Buy an abaya online and wear it fabulously.

    Women can choose from a range of Abayas online and there are a lot of chic ways to drape it. Here are some smart ideas to quickly and fashionably wear an old abaya in a different and modern style.

    1. Add A Belt

    Adding a fashionable belt to an abaya is a simple yet elegant way to transform a dull and old abaya into a timeless piece that Muslim women could drape at a party or a fancy restaurant. Choose a striking belt that would pop up and instantly add a touch of elegance to the outfit.

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    2. Open Abaya Over TrousersModern women can opt for an open abaya when it comes to travelling or moving from one shop to another. While one can feel more comfortable in an open abaya, it’s also a great style statement. Extremely easy to drape, an open abaya can still make a woman feel modest and look stylish.

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    3. Abaya over a neutral outfitSometimes women find it very difficult to look for an outfit that’s luxurious yet modest, especially while dressing for a family function. Well, here’s a perfect solution – women could get an abaya in their favorite color, preferably a bright one and simply drape it over a modest pair of trousers and neutral top. To complete the look, one can also wear an oversized necklace.

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    4. Dual tone abaya

    Modish muslimahs love to drape in a stylish yet sophisticated abaya. A dual tone abaya is just the right pick for those women who wish to look elegantly beautiful. The two tone abaya are thoughtfully designed with a fashionable yet understated touch.

    Image result for DUAL COLOR ABAYA BLOGGERS

    5. Kaftan style abaya 

    A loose, flowy kaftan easily transforms into a multitude of silhouettes appropriate for any occasion or function. It is a beautiful robe that flows down till the foot, making a woman wearing it look utterly modish yet sophisticated and simple.

    Earlier there was a limited collection of abayas, but with the evolution in time, Muslim women have become more fashion conscious and the styles of wearing an abaya have also transformed in many different ways. Wearing an abaya is no more a simple tradition, but a fashionable trend followed by not only muslimahs, but women all across the western countries.

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