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5 Sports to Try This Summer Break



Where? Jumeirah Beach Road
How much? AED350 for private – AED200 each for a group of 4
You don’t need to go to Australia to learn to surf! Dubai’s warm sea and mild conditions are perfect for first-timers. Surf House Dubai offers lessons on a private, couples and group basis, catering for those who have never touched a board before up to intermediate level.


Where? The Palm Dropzone, near Zero Graity
How much? AED1,999 including video and images
Every time Skydive Dubai post a video we watch it on repeat. The team are talented, fearless and seriously cool. If you’re a skydiving newbie, book yourself in for a tandem jump with one of the professionals at the Palm Dropzone for one of the most spectacular views you’ve ever seen – make sure you open your eyes for the jump!


Where? Al Mamzar
How much? AED300 for 30 minutes
We’re sure you’ll have seen the various YouTube videos flying around of people trying this water-powered jet pack, including hilarious fails to graceful human dolphins dipping in and out of the surf. With a board strapped to your feet and your arms in grips, you are propelled by jets of water high into the air, where you can hover around while someone grabs a photo. Memberships are also available for anyone not satisfied with one session at the link listed below.


Where? Seariders UAE, Dubai Marina
How much? AED550 for an hour’s session
The sport involves having two feet strapped to a board while being pulled behind a speedboat. Anyone who’s snowboarded before should get the hang of it quite easily – mastering it is the fun part. Rushing across the bright blue sea with stunning views of Dubai in the background is an adrenaline rush in itself before you even start pulling out tricks.


Nessnass Beach, Jumeirah
How much? AED350 for a private lesson
Using a modified surfboard means that if you’re an avid surfer, this is a sport you should pick up quickly. But even if you’ve never tried it before, you should start getting the hang of it after a handful of lessons. Instead of using a wave to propel you forward, you use a large, specially designed kite that catches the wind. It’s not easy, but it’s loads of fun.

Source : shortlistdubai.

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