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Shiftwear Lets You Infinitely Customize Your Sneakers With Moving Images


Sneakerheads, you are in for a treat. ShiftWear sneakers have display screens that allow for infinite, digital customization, so you can ensure no one ever has sicker kicks than you.

They Boots Were Made For Customizin’

Yeezys have nothin’ on ShiftWear. These seemingly simple sneakers have a big secret: The back half of the shoe is a flexible screen that can display anything you tell it to. The company’s slogan is “A sneaker that gives the user complete creative control.”

Just tap open the smartphone app and design the imagery you want to appear on your heels. With another tap, boom, you’re in business. The screen itself is electronic paper, like an e-reader, and it’s waterproofed and Kevlar-coated to get everything set. No need to plug in — the battery embedded in the sneaks self-charges as you walk. Despite the forward-thinking tech, SwiftWear maxes out at $350. Ask a sneakerhead to back us up on that, it’s reasonable.

Step Into The Future

The idea for the shoes came about late in 2014. By the same time the following year, ShiftWear Corp was founded in New York City, and the IndieGogo campaign had already racked up $1 million. (Sneakerheads don’t play around.) In early 2017, the sneaker and smartphone app were successfully combined and the prototypes were validated. Perhaps soon you’ll see the next generation of the light-up shoes you loved as a kid enjoy a modernized reboot on the street. Even if the concept doesn’t go from a jog to a sprint, the company represents another stride toward the integration of technology into apparel.

This Is ShiftWear

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