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7 Restaurants In The UAE That Are Championing Sustainability

Meet the brands that are doing their part for the environment by cutting down on single-use plastic and food waste.


Whether you’re doing a takeaway or ordering in, restaurants bombard you with plastic containers, plastic cutlery and sometimes a couple of plastic bags to go along with it. Also, not to mention the sheer amount of food wastage at the end of each day that just makes its way to the dumping grounds.

So we did a little food and soul searching to find out restaurants that really do care about the health of their customers and the planet as a whole.

1. Wildflower

Source: Harper’s Bazaar Arabia

The sister company to Freedom Pizza, not only does healthy eatery Wildflower use eco-friendly packaging, they’ve also partnered with Sharjah-based Greenheart Organic Farms to support the local farmer’s market and offer fresh, locally-sourced organic ingredients to their customers.

2. La Petite Maison

Source: Harper’s Bazaar Arabia

La Petite Maison has banned plastic straws in their Abu Dhabi and Dubai restaurants in favor of eco-friendly equivalents made from potato starch. The fine dining spot also aims to replace single-use plastic picks and drink stirrers with stainless steel equivalents later this year.

3. The Daily

Source: Harper’s Bazaar Arabia

Having recently won the Green Key Eco Label Award, Rove Hotel is firmly on the path to full sustainability. And now, every Sunday, each customer who brings their plastic bottles to the hotel will receive discounts on their food in the Rove’s cafe, The Daily. The hotel will send the bottles off to their respective recycling initiatives in the UAE where they will be turned into a variety of useful products, including buckets, tubs and mats.

4. Burj Khalifa Armani Hotel, Dubai

Source: Harper’s Bazaar Arabia

Burj Khalifa Armani Hotel Dubai has partnered with Winnow, a tech firm that helps chefs measure, monitor and dramatically reduce food wastage. The hotel plans to lower their carbon footprint by following a structured program that will ultimately lead them to produce zero food waste.

5. Zuma

Source: Harper’s Bazaar Arabia

Fine dining restaurant Zuma has eradicated the use of plastic straws in their Dubai and Abu Dhabi venues replacing them with biodegradable paper straws. This initiative has been rolled out across every Zuma branch globally.

6. The Noodle House

Source: Tripadvisor

Following the success of their #StopSucking campaign, The Noodle House is furthering their mission to change single-use wastage by offering Dubai diners who bring unwanted takeaway plastic cutlery to any of The Noodle House branches 50 percent off their food bill.

7. Freedom Pizza

Source: Harper’s Bazaar Arabia

Freedom Pizza has gone totally plastic-free. Calling out the food industry on the unnecessary use of plastic, this UAE-based pizzeria has banned the use of plastic straws and cutlery when sending out deliveries. They also use recycled bags and napkins.

Source: Harper’s Bazaar Arabia

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