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Affordable Ethical Brands You Should Start Shopping From Before It’s Too Late

Maybe it's time to start shopping like climate change is real. Don't you think?


We witness consumers and readers passionately debating the merits (or lack thereof) in the comments section of social media accounts and realized there is a huge desire amongst all of us to have access to clothes that are ethically made, environmentally sustainable and that one can wear free of a guilty conscience. Sure there are luxury brands like Gabriela Hearst and Stella McCartney who are doing awesome things with their companies but if you really want to ditch fast fashion, your replacement has to be, well, affordable.

After lots of research, we landed on the following 13 modestly priced retail brands. We picked them because they are really doing something special in the realm of ethical fashion – from transparent business practices and committing to a circular economy to paying all of their workers a living wage (especially those that make the clothes!). Plus, their stylish products mean your wardrobe won’t miss a beat when it comes to stocking up on fashion-forward looks. If you’re committed to ditching Zara, H&M and other fast-fashion brands that are responsible for overflowing landfills, sweatshop labor and flooding drinkable water with toxic substances, you’ll love every brand on this list.

Full disclosure. There is one brand on the list offering amazing products that are slightly more expensive (think: AED 1,000 or less) but nothing is too unattainable and some of it is downright bargain-worthy.

1. Reformation

Source: Reformation

Sustainable and on-trend. All the products are made in the brand’s downtown LA headquarters or produced by ethical manufacturing partners using sustainable methods and materials. The brand also offers plus sizes and an extended range up to 3X. Shop the brand here.

2. Gorman

Source: Gorman

All of the clothing in the organic range is certified, sustainable and made without pesticides or chemical processing. Shop the brand here.

3. Modern Citizen

Source: Fashionista

Modern Citizen offers refined style at affordable price points with even its most luxurious products topping off around AED 700. Shop the brand here.

4. SiiZU

Source: Unconscious Style

For classic, long-lasting basics that are ethically made, ethically sourced and affordable, look no further than SiiZU. Not only is the brand incredibly transparent with its business practices but the quality of their clothes proves that organic materials and ethical practices make for great partners. Shop them here.

5. Komodo Fashion

Source: Covet

Feminine textiles, nature-inspired prints and striped knitwear can all be found in Komodo Fashion’s ethically crafted collections. This brand has been around since 1988 and was one of the early pioneers in creating clothes from 100 percent organic, all-natural fiber materials. Shop the brand here.

6. Either And

Source: Either And

Although the majority of ethical-fashion brands on this list are also incredibly affordable, Either And falls on the more expensive side. However, that’s hardly a deterrent when you catch an eyeful of the brilliantly designed, on-trend, minimalist and ethically sourced clothing and accessories. Shop the brand here.

7. Everlane

Source: Sea Salt and Sailor Stripes

The radical transparency of Everlane is reflected in the brand’s motto: “Know your factories. Know your costs. Always ask why.” And we couldn’t love the concept more. Shop the brand here.

8. Sakai

Source: Sakai

A little-known Swedish, vegan, ethically produced clothing line. Its fabrics are as soft as clouds and beautifully crafted. You definitely won’t feel guilty after investing in a few pieces from this brand. Shop their products here.

9. Kowtow

Source: Kowtow

Operating out of Kolkata, India, Kowtow’s clothing is made by workers who are provided dozens of incredible benefits, from clean and comfortable workspaces to education and donation programs for the local village’s farmers. Shop the brand here.

Source: Savoir Flair

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