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Energy-efficient Dubai Lamp will be compulsory for all new buildings


Dubai Lamp

Well, this is a bright idea. Dubai Municipality has announced that all new buildings in the emirate must use the energy saving ‘Dubai Lamp’.

A memo has been issued by the civic body to all consultancies, contractors and developers stating that from December 2017, it will be compulsory to install the Dubai Lamp in all new developments.

Developed in collaboration with Phillips, it’s the world’s most energy efficient bulb – a 200 lumen per watt LED that will last on average 25,000 hours longer than a conventional bulb.

Use of the Dubai Lamp will become one of the conditions for issuing the Building Completion Certificate and to show how it’s done, the Municipality will start using the bulbs across all its buildings.

Philips Middle East claims the Dubai Lamp could reduce your electricity bills by approximately AED 2,000 a year and they’re better for the environment too!

Be right back, thinking of ways of spending this extra money we’re going to have!

Source: DubaiWeek

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