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Flowerman Festival In Saudi Arabia’s Asir Region Celebrates An Ancient Tradition

Organised by the Saudi Ministry of Culture and taking place as part of Al-Soudah Season, the festival is located in the ancient town of Rijal Almaa in southern Saudi Arabia.


A lesser-known tradition long practiced by the natives of Alhabla, a remote mountain town near the Saudi-Yemen border, is being celebrated for the first time in the village of Rijal Almaa, one of the most prominent heritage and non-publicized destinations in the Kingdom.

With a history that dates back to more than 5000 years ago, the village is situated on an ancient trade route that once connected Yemen, Makkah and the Levant via the Red Sea.

The exterior of the Flowerman Festival in Saudi Arabia.
Credit: Ministry of Culture

Until August 31st, the tradition will be showcased to the public under the name The Flowerman Festival. Amidst festivities including video mapping on the ancient stone buildings of Rijal Almaa and an open air market of hand-crafted products from the region, the flowermen will perform traditional song and dance wearing their delicately construed floral headdresses.

The Flowermen derive their name from the charming crown-like headpieces that have been made from local flowers and grass. Traditionally, they have been worn for public or religious holidays and sometimes also for medicinal purposes.

Source: Harper’s Bazaar Arabia

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