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Going For Online Shopping?

Here are Things You Should Keep in Mind



  1. Discounts: Make sure that the discounts are genuine just like the products. Clearance sales do not happen just like that so make sure the website you are using is trustworthy too. Additionally, items like perfumes on heavy discount should always be tested.
  2. Cancellation/Return policy: As it goes with most good websites, the cancellation and return policies are very easy.  But fake websites may completely negate the cancellation and return part. In fact many people complain that they never get their money back and instead have to work with only points that can be redeemed with more shopping with the website.
  3. Bulk buy options: Most websites have a good bulk buy option for new buyers. If a website is not offering any bulk buy, and only individualistic buy that too without offers then it is best to avoid.
  4. Read the fine print:Even after checking out the two points above you feel that you have landed yourself a good deal, read the product fine print. Especially in the case of buying electronics from a third-party seller, there are chances that the product might be a parallel import from other countries and not the official unit for India. In such cases, you won’t get after sales support from the company. Most such product listings come with “seller warranty,” which doesn’t mean much.What makes matters murky is the fact that none of the brands have come out with a well defined warranty statement on buying products from online retailers. While some brands have claimed to have blacklisted some online retailers, there’s no clear cut policy to help consumers know whether they would get official after sales support or not. Even online retailers don’t help by not having checks in place and not taking ownership of stuff being put on the marketplace.
  5. Read the product review:Many times, especially when a product is being sold by just one reseller, it makes sense to read the reviews of the product on the product page itself. There have been incidents where the seller is selling fake or faulty products and buyers have complained about it. Yes, in most cases the online retailer would refund your money, but it is worth checking and saving yourself a headache.

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