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Healthy Habits-For a Healthy Life

Healthy habits include anything that you do to benefit your physical, mental, or emotional well-being. When put together, these habits help create a framework for a healthy life. If you are not used to living a healthy lifestyle, these habits can be difficult to develop, because you have to alter your mindset a bit and even change up your daily schedule.


There are 10 basic healthy habits that can follow easy and achieve a good health. let’s check out what are they!

1.Eat Healthy Breakfast


There is nothing more important to a happy life than starting your morning off right. Eating a nutrient dense breakfast before you start your day will help ensure the rest of your day is full of happiness, productivity, and balance.

Eating breakfast is known to enhance memory, improve cognitive ability, and increase attention span. For all you bloggers, students, teachers, police officers, lawyers, stay at home moms, it doesn’t matter what you are, a healthy mind is the base for a happy life.

2.Work Out Daily


Find a form (or forms) of exercise that are right for you so consistency will not be an issue. Let’s face it, if you hate doing something, you will not do it for long. Whether it be yoga, pilates, kickboxing, weight lifting or running, any form of physical activity that gets your body moving is beneficial.

Physically, exercise strengthens the bones and muscles, and is a factor in weight control. It also plays a role in mental health. Regular physical activity contributes to an overall better mood and better sleep.


3.Have a Good Sleep on Regular Basis


We live in a society where most of us are trying to juggle work, exercise, friendships, relationships and numerous other responsibilities. We tend to negate how important sleep is for our overall health and well-being. Sleep is the body and mind’s chance to rebuild and recharge for the day ahead. Without adequate sleep your overall happiness levels will decrease, because you simply did not give your body enough time to recharge. Four hours a night will not cut it. Think 7-9 hours of sleep depending on your circumstances and your own biological needs.

4.Manage Your Time


Organization and more specifically, a schedule, is necessary to lead the happiest life possible. This is especially important if you work for yourself, because you do not have a boss or supervisor telling you what and when to do a task.

If you choose to forgo a schedule, you are left feeling flighty and unfocused. So it is important that your schedule makes time for your professional and personal goals.

5.Read Fiction Novels 


Reading can be so therapeutic. It takes us out of our reality and catapults us into an alternate world or reality. It allows us to connect with and learn from characters within the novel to make us better, more understanding people. It is noted by BBC that reading works of fiction sharpens our analytical thinking and uplifts our mood. Try to read each weekday night before bed instead of looking at your phone or laptop.

6.Take a Short Breaks


Breaks are essential, whether you are a house wife, work a 9-5 job or are a student. Don’t fear taking a 20 minute break every couple of hours or so. Find a break schedule that works for you and keeps you feeling motivated and energized. Science Daily shares that breaks increase focus, help us to retain information and re-connect us to our lives. This re-connection allows us to think more deeply about the task at hand.

7.Stay Hydrated


This is a boring factor in regard to a happy life, but a true one. Water is the main component to human health and without physical health it is difficult to have true happiness. Water removes harmful toxins from the body, helps transport nutrients and lubricates all parts and systems of the body. Drink your water.

8.Make time for friends/family


Your relationships are important. Don’t get too carried away in your work, to the point where you forget to nurture these relationships. In order to lead a happy life you need to have your health. Connecting with other human beings, is just as important as eating right and exercising.

9.Get outside


Typical human life has changed. We are no longer beings who spend most of our days outdoors. We have even evolved to the point where our children no longer seek the outdoors, as much as they do a tablet or iphone.But, nature is crucial to our species overall happiness. It is known to improve our health and happiness by brining us a sense of connectedness to our world.

Take the time to go for a hike, a swim or simply sit in the fresh air daily

10.Enjoy Your Own Self


Enjoying our own company is a key part of self-love; if you don’t like being alone, it’s possibly a sign that you need to learn to love yourself more so that you can enjoy being in your own company.So simple, but so forgotten. Take the time (or make the time) to do the things you love doing. Whether it be exercising, cooking, reading, playing the piano, or any hobby you can dream of. When you begin to spend time alone and enjoy your own company, you’ll start to value your time more, and when you give yourself to others; you’ll want it to be a positive experience for you.


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