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Here Are Some Do’s and Don’ts to Keep In Mind While in UAE



Do stand up when meeting new people, older or high ranking guests. when a women enters the room, men are also expected to stand up.

Do accept food and drinks using your right hand. You should also use this hand when eating.

Do dress modestly, especially when going out in the public. when visiting mosques, men should wear long pants or trousers, while women should cover their hair with scarves.

Do use swimwear in private pools and beaches but cover-up when swimming else where.

Do ask permission before taking pictures of UAE nationals or residents.



Drugs are stricly forbidden in any size. Buying or selling drugs is considered an extremely serious crime and can result in life-imprisonment. Some legal drugs in other countries can be considered illegal in the UAE, so it is strongly advised to check with the nearest UAE Embassy or Consulate BEFORE you travel. A doctors note is also strongly advised with any prescribed medication you might be traveling with.

Don’t Drink Alcohol in Public

Drinking alcohol anywhere in public other than licenced bars, restaurants, private venues and clubs is forbidden.

No Public Displays of Affection

The code of conduct states that displays of affection between couples (whether married or not) in public places does not fit local custom or culture. Whilst holding hands for a married couple would “probably” be tolerated, kissing and petting are considered an offense to public decency. Public displays of affection, sexual harassment or randomly addressing a women in public places, is liable to be punished by imprisonment and/or deportation.

Bouncing a Cheque

It is illegal to Bounce a Cheque in the UAE. If you write a cheque and don’t have sufficient funds in your account to cover that amount, you may face criminal and civil charges. It is possible to face jail time for this and you will not be able to leave the country until the amount is paid

No swearing or hand gestures

Use of swearing or hand gestures in Dubai can get you fined, put you in prison and/or get you deported.


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