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Horoscope For The Month of July- 2017



In the month of July, Aries your love life will be on your mind and something may come true that is a part of your dreams. This month your stars offer to you to reach your ideal romantic fantasy. What you hope for may come true each day. Your stars will be there to guide you and bless you. Your chart is telling you that with the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Ceres in Cancer (from July 11th) it is time to look at who and what grounds you.


To create a meal made up of your favorite foods, you have to do some planning. You have to figure out the menu, search for the recipes, create a shopping list, bring home the ingredients, and prepare the meal. You can’t just jump from imagining the meal to seeing it laid out on the table, unless you are lucky enough to have a personal chef. There is some idyllic scenario you have been hoping will manifest in your life, Taurus. You may want to just snap your fingers and make it so, but you know that isn’t possible. However, this dream does not have to exist only in the fantasy realm. You can make it real. But, like the perfect meal mentioned above, you will need to go through all the appropriate steps. So start now, and this month, you may begin to realize your vision.


This month you’ll feel like the universe has granted you special powers of charm, magnetism, and grace. Well, you are correct! Venus, the planet of beauty and harmony, will move through your sign from July 4-31. This once-a-year event typically brings with it a boost in confidence and contentment. Every aspect of your life may appear to be running much more smoothly than usual. In addition to this, you’ll have a supportive time to make any changes in your physical appearance. This can be anything from a new hairstyle to a minor (or major) cosmetic procedure. You’ll be quite pleased with the result. Relationships are also well supported for you while Venus is in Gemini. In fact, you can look forward to a gorgeous day in matters of the heart on July 18, when Venus embraces Jupiter, now in your true love sector. Don’t waste this magical day!


This is your time to check in with yourself: Evaluate your goals, give yourself a fresh start, and consider a little makeover. The Sun is the spotlight of the solar system, so focus on you right now—you love to hide in your shell, but now’s not the time!A confrontation is likely, so work with this energy by bringing in a third, unbiased party to help mediate and keep things cool. The energy will be emotional and destructive, so if you need to yell at someone find healthy ways to release anger, like writing in a journal—instead of making a phone call you may regret.Love-and-money planet Venus enters Gemini on July 4, putting you in a private mood. Invest in some glamorous sunglasses this summer, because you’ll want to travel incognito while Venus is in Gemini. You’ll be the mystery person of everyone’s dreams, and a secret affair is likely.


It a great time to attend parties, join groups and make friends. Your warmth and generosity will attract admirers like a flower draws bees. On the 5th, intelligent Mercury enters your sign. It will be easier to get an audience for bold ideas. Even critics who were quick to discount your suggestions will listen attentively to your suggestions. While it won’t be a good time to make appointments and sign contracts, it will be a lovely chance to spend time with your romantic partner. The Full Moon on the 8th brings a demanding job to a close. It will be such a relief to deliver this project on time and under budget. Once you finish this task, give yourself time to recover. Going on a relaxing vacation can restore your health. Head for a destination that is famous for its natural beauty, like a mountain retreat. If you quit a job, be gracious and give two weeks’ notice. Assertive Mars moves into your sign on the 20th, urging you to fulfill your desires. Going after what you want could pay off handsomely. It will be easy to get favorable publicity for your creative work and humanitarian causes during the second half of July, The New Moon on the 23rd is an ideal opportunity to update your look with a fresh hairstyle or cosmetic procedure. Mercury begins its tour of your Income Sector on the 25th, favoring money making ideas. On the 31st, loving Venus slips into your Seclusion Sector, inviting you to enjoy private pleasures.


Virgo All eyes will be on you at the beginning of July, thanks to appealing Venus entering your Public Sector on the 4th. People may be utterly captivated by your tailored style. Don’t be surprised if you’re asked to serve as a spokesperson for your employer or another company. Reading, studying and writing could be very fulfilling during this month. A powerful turning point in a romance could occur on the 8th, thanks to a passionate Full Moon. You could get news of an engagement or marriage at this time. It’s even possible you’ll hear a birth or adoption announcement. The 19th is ideal for wrapping up a real estate deal or welcoming a new member of the family, thanks to a festive trine between Mercury and Saturn, the planet of long-term stability. Outgoing Mars enters your privacy Sector on the 20th, prompting you to devote more energy to spiritual matters. Withdrawing from public life could be beneficial. The New Moon on the 23rd could inspire you to take up a sacred practice or adopt a religion. Obey an impulse to connect with your higher power. On the 31st, caring Venus starts its visit to your Social Sector, prompting you to join a political group, humanitarian organization or dating website.


The sun will come up tomorrow, Libra. That’s a pretty reasonable expectation. The seasons will change. That is also a very reasonable expectation. You will love, you will laugh, you will cry. You will work, you will fail, you will try again. These ideas are also very realistic. But how about this one: You will make a dream come true. How do you feel about that concept? Do you believe it? Do you see it as a fantasy, or as a reality? This month would be great for you to hone in on your own expectations for your own life. You need to look at them objectively and adjust them if necessary. You can have a happy life, and it is all within your own control. You can’t control everything of course, but you can reasonably expect to succeed at making a dream come true if you devote the right time and attention to it. This is the right month to begin that quest, and to see it through to the point where it can begin to happen on its own.


Scorpio July gets off to a passionate start, thanks to romantic Venus entering your Intimacy Sector on the 4th. Use the opening days of the month to spend quality time with someone who makes your pulse pound. If you’re single, you could meet someone special in a book club, classroom or political organization. Thoughtful Mercury moves into your Career Sector on the 5th, helping you to ace a job interview or impress authority figures with a professional presentation. On the 8th, the Full Moon may deliver news that totally changes your outlook. Once you have an accurate picture of what is happening in your community, it will be easier to formulate a plan of action.Resist the temptation to mock an authority figure’s ideas, even if they are absurd. Making a powerful enemy during the first half of July could cause long-term problems. An exciting professional opportunity could arrive on the 20th, when dynamic Mars enters your Career Sector. Don’t hesitate to apply for a high-profile position at this time, even if the competition is fierce. The New Moon on the 23rd may bring an exciting job offer that appeals to your daring personality. On the 25th, communicative Mercury enters your Friendship Sector, prompting you to come out of your shell and attend a few parties. Artistic Venus moves into your Adventure Sector on the 31st, possibly prompting you to visit a city known for its cultural diversions



Sagittarius The opening days of July invite you to turn your attention to your best friend, romantic partner or business associate. That’s because kind Venus will begin its tour of your Relationship Sector on the 4th. Put your needs aside for the sake of someone special; you won’t be sorry. On the 5th, mental Mercury will enter your Adventure Sector, inspiring you to take a trip or enroll in school. If you need funds to travel or study, raise them yourself, avoid borrowing this month. The Full Moon on the 8th brings in a big payment. Use this money to pay off a debt. Fulfilling this financial obligation will cause you to breathe a sigh of relief. Celebrate this victory by opening an interest-bearing savings account. A trine between romantic Venus and Jupiter on the 18th is perfect for romantic ventures of all kinds. Asking someone for a date, proposing marriage or exchanging wedding vows are among the possibilities during the second half of the month. If you’re in a committed relationship, this would be a lovely opportunity to give your partner a beautiful token of your respect. Energetic Mars moves into your Adventure Sector on the 20th, furthering your determination to take bold risks. The New Moon on the 23rd helps you get assistance from a religious, cultural or educational institution. If you want to launch a creative project, apply to such organization for a grant or scholarship. You just might strike gold. Mercury moves into your Career Sector on the 25th, favoring job interviews and professional presentations. On the 31st, luxurious Venus enters your Joint Income Sector, possibly marking an inheritance, insurance refund or legal settlement.


Capricorn Friendly Venus moves into your Work Sector on 4th, helping to attract well-paid jobs. Projects may feel like labors of love at the start of the month. Thoughtful Mercury enters your Joint Finances Sector on the 5th, making it a good time to pay bills, create budgets and devise investment strategies with your partner. Intense conversations about hopes, dreams and fears could also draw you closer to a loved one during the first half of July. The Full Moon on the 8th marks a turning point your personal life. You may leave a job, reach a fitness goal or finalize an important deal. Once you reach this milestone, you’ll be able to embark on a brand new journey that is very rewarding. This is a great time to book tickets for a long-distance trip you’ve been dreaming about for years. Courageous Mars moves into your Intimacy Sector on the 20th, prompting you to let down your defenses with a trustworthy loved one. The New Moon on the 23rd could find you joining hearts, minds or bank accounts with a passionate person. If you can’t find anything nice to say, remain silent during the second half of July. Mercury enters your Higher Knowledge Sector on the 25th, favoring academic pursuits and writing projects. Venus moves into your Partnership Sector on the 31st, paving the way for a romantically rewarding August.


Aquarius July gets off to a romantic start on the 4th, when alluring Venus begins its tour of your Romance Sector. If you’re single, you might meet someone special in a book club, debating group or art class. Are you already in a loving relationship? Find ways to show your affection for your other half. A lavish gift will go over well. If you’re not sure what to buy, ask your best friend for suggestions. Beware of being brutally frank with a colleague; your co-worker won’t be able to handle the truth. Mercury moves into your Relationship Sector on the 5th, making it an ideal time to sign a contract or give a formal promise to a loved one. You may learn something shocking about a corporation or political party at this time, changing your view of the world. On the 20th, courageous Mars enters your Relationship Sector, making it a good time to confess a crush or ask for a date.If you feel tired, take a break, cut your duties short and enjoy a restful nap. A romance could burst into flower on the 23rd, thanks to a heartfelt New Moon rising in your Partnership Sector. If you have an exclusive partner, give them an extravagant token of your appreciation. Intellectual Mercury moves into your Intimacy Sector on the 25th, making it easy to share confidences with a trustworthy friend. The 31st marks gracious Venus’s entry into your Work Sector, smoothing over rivalries with co-workers.


The limbo is a kind of dance where the dancer bends backwards, crouching down as low as possible to move in that position beneath a pole, without touching it. In many ways, Pisces, you may feel like a limbo dancer right now, contorting yourself to be able to make something happen without touching and disrupting other areas of your life. It may feel like an awkward, uncomfortable time for you, and you may want to know when things will begin to become more normal. While some of what you are experiencing may feel surreal, dealing with it all in a realistic way will help sooth you and be a practical way to get back to normal. In the second week of July, someone with the answers you need will appear, just when your need for advice becomes most pressing. As difficult as these issues may seem to resolve, if you are a good student and you pay attention, you can wrap up any problems rather quickly. The rest of the month will offer many happy possibilities connected to your love life, your finances, and your home.



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