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The Intelligent Baby Stroller That Strolls Itself


Pushing a baby stroller is so last century. And, no, we’re not talking about hiring a nanny or neglecting infant outings altogether. Smartbe, an intelligent baby stroller, is looking to help make parenting a little easier and a lot more hands-off. Literally.

Using state of the art sensors and engines, the Smartbe self-propelled stroller stays within reach in front of you.
Image: Smartbe Intelligent Stroller

Look, Baby, No Hands!

Smartbe, which debuted on Indiegogo in 2016, describes itself as “the first intelligent baby stroller of the new generation.” What it means by that is a baby stroller no longer just has to be a basket on wheels. This device wants to take the Internet of things into the parenting realm. Using motion sensors linked to your smartphone and an electric motor, Smartbe can self-propel while keeping the stroller within a constant safe distance from you as you walk or run behind it. Someone stop that baby on the loose! Er, nevermind.

While Smartbe’s self-propelling mode makes it look like your baby is a loose cannon, free-wheeling at a jogger’s pace, the product apparently fulfills all U.S. and European safety regulations. The company claims it goes beyond, too, “providing safety features not possible without the addition of electricity and leading edge mobile technology.” Would you trust it?

All of Smartbe’s functions can be controlled by the intelligent control panel on the stroller or by the iOS or Android app.
Image: Smartbe Intelligent Stroller

Strollin’ Into The Future

The hands-free mode isn’t the only technological innovation you’ll find on Smartbe. There are two other walking modes: manual (you know, regular ol’ pushing a stroller) and assist propelled mode, which gives a gentle cushion while you push around turns and obstacles adding “an invisible bond of security.”

From your baby’s perspective, Smartbe can provide a climate-controlled environment for max babe comfort. From your smartphone, you can also control the stroller’s built-in rocker, bottle-warmer, and speaker system for little lullabies inside the bassinet.

As for you? The stroller charges your phone while you’re at it, too. Smartbe itself has a 6-hour battery life, so you shouldn’t have to worry about Junior losing power during your high-tech constitutionals. Phew.

Smartbe Intelligent Stroller

 Source: Curiosity

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