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Is The School System Still Relevant Today?


Is The School System Still Relevant Today?

In this video, there are 6 problems (though I felt they could’ve been compressed into 3) highlighted with regards to the  School System. If you have limited data, here are the points in brief:
• The system limits creativity and collaboration as a result of the lack of autonomy
• Learning is largely standardised memorisation, leaving a lack of room for interests to be pursued
• The system doesn’t account for different paces and styles of learning

Of course, with any system, there are different contexts in which it is being put in place and hence different solutions that need to be put in place in different places. What are some of the problems in your country? Do you face the same or similar problems there? And what do you think are some possible reforms?

But as you may have guessed from the title of the post, the bigger question today is is the school system still relevant? With these problems mentioned above and newer solutions such as technology that provide quicker, more customised tools for education, is the school still necessary?

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