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Louis Vuitton is Selling a $4000 Jenga Set

Maybe you’ll think a little longer before pulling out that Jenga block.


It seems that what Louis Vuitton creates, we want to own (if we could afford to that is), and their latest take on a humble object turned must-have toy is no exception. Described as a ‘refined collector’s piece’, the multi-coloured plexiglass Jenga game, labelled the Monogram Tower, has hit the market with an eye-watering $4000 price tag. But if you want to up your game night status, it’s worth every dollar.

The set holds 54 pieces which depict a gradient theme from turquoise to fuchsia when stacked in order, each block embellished with the iconic house motifs. The portable plexiglass box features a leather handle so beautifully designed it doubles as decor for your living room (or empty out the blocks and you have yourself a Louis Vuitton plexiglass handbag!)

This isn’t the first time Louis Vuitton has put its stamp on a childhood favorite. Earlier in the year, they released a to-die-for colored pencil set with matching leather roll and before that there were monogrammed teddy bears and a $100,000 toilet boasting the famous LV logo.

If you have your heart set on the luxe game-of-all-games, get yourself to a Louis Vuitton store to place an order (they aren’t available to buy online) and send out those game night invites because we expect they will be sold out pretty soon!

Source: Vogue Australia

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