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Avoid Health & Psychological Hazard on Children

Parents who are generally busy at work, into depression, stress or getting old, away their hands and attention from children must render few steps to avoid health and psychological hazard over their children.

  1. Ideal Routine of Breakfast : Parents who maintain an etiquette and ideal routine of breakfast tends to nourish and help their children towards moral behaviors such as good morning wishes, morning reactions and smiles. Also helps them to spend family time apart from daily busy schedules, steadfast with time table for the day and organize ahead.

  2. Encourage Exercise and Sports : Children must be encouraged for daily exercise for immunity boost and healthy body. Parents must plan twice or thrice a week schedule for sports in to the weekly calendar of their children. So as to avoid them from boredom and shoot their stamina’s and physical strength. In case of parents unable to exhibit such schedules, they must spend a time out for a walk and talk with their children, as the time you spend at start and end of the day really matters.

  3. Lunch Box / or an Apple but Non-Artificial Flavor Diet : Parents must make a provision for a lunch box meal. This intellect them with an act of having meals on time and sharing with friends and classmates. Somewhere if its missed, you may replace it with an Apple or a raw eatable fruit, but avoid giving them Junk Food or meal ingredients made of artificial colors or flavorings. Remember, artificial flavorings and colors packed food causes infections and children are highly prone to such risks.

  4. Extra Co-Curricular Activities : Advice your children, talk to them and find out what co-curricular they are willing to enroll with. Activities do turn out as Hobby, or maybe a Hobby can turn into a professional activity too. Swimming, painting, designing, etc are one of the mostly liked and demanded among children.

  5. Weekend Programs : Plan shopping, short trip, dine out, family get together, cinema or exhibition visits over a weekend. Attending an event or making a plan enhances a child’s intellect how to plan, dress, carry and stand punctual. Ask your children simply any plans for coming weekend – lets go!! definitely you will have several options.

  6. Savings / Money Matters : Guiding your children to save money or resources is a keen act. This not only impounds them from unnecessary spending but also comprehends them well with the value of life, growth, charity, investments and much more. Usually their savings might turn out a gift for you one day or maybe an unpredictable support for a needy.

  7. Half Yearly / Yearly Vacation : Children and Parents collaboration should work as a team, gang or maybe an regiment towards a vacation spot – planning, visiting and doing things within the time and cash in hand. It allows the family to connect more, develop memories, kill stress and mainly discover an unforgettable experience full of love, care and attention towards each other.

  8. Gifts & Parties : Counting days for their birthdays and expecting gifts from parents is natural among children. Children have the tendency of affection to rise when they are gifted. It is the best of what they receive from their parents. Kindly note that it is not how expensive gifts are, the way you give them and design the day for them – that matters. Some family does make it large with parties and events, it is not that advisable – if you do not pay attention over kids but get into party arrangements. Children likely get excited for party invites or a get together among families and friends, as they get an exposure or a time to shop, dress and get out of home for a while.

  9. Participate to Lose : Encourage and understand your children to participate in the competitions, events or an exhibitions – remembering the fact that winning does not matter, its an experience to learn and attempt. If not this time, try your luck next time.

  10. Not Numbers – its a Result : Do or die, is that the concept or an approach some parents adopts making it so difficult for their children to compete and obtain marks during their exams ? …. Kindly keep it easy towards children with the result-oriented concept. Advice your children to Pass in their result of examination, once they obtain passing results then encourage them towards ability to obtain distinction – considering the choice and interest of your child and your ability in providing him with the necessary attention or facilities..

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