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Pros and Cons of Technology


The Pros of Technology

  1. Improves Efficiency For Business
    Things like computers, email, and the internet have all greatly impacted society, but perhaps most of all, business. Things can be done almost instantly with the use of technology. The means of manufacturing goods has also been greatly streamlined. This has caused a major reduce in waste, and lower costs for the consumers.
  2. More Job Opportunities
    Technology has created an immense amount of new jobs in our world’s economy. An entirely new group of people are needed to work with, develop, and maintain all of the new technology in homes and the workplace.
  3. Better Communication
    Staying in contact is easier now than it has ever been. You can talk to, video chat with, or collaborate with anybody in the entire world. This has spurred on amazing things, and a better understanding of others cultures.
  4. Incredible Medical Care
    A lot of new technology is constantly being developed for the medical field. Surgical procedures and every day functions have been made so simple and efficient that the level of sickness and accidents have decreased significantly.


The Cons of Technology

  1. A Social Divide
    Technology is expensive, and keeping up with the latest trends is almost impossible for someone who isn’t in the upper class. This has caused a major social divide among the population of people who can and cannot afford these technologies.
  2. A Generation of Laziness
    With everything made easier, or completely done for us, through the use of technology, people are slowly but surely forgetting how to to do things the old fashioned way…good old hard work. You no longer have to pull out the dictionary or visit the library if you want information, you can simply type in a question and get an answer. This is also true for children, they are becoming more and more focused on things like the internet and video games that they are spending much less time outside and being active.
  3. Quickly Becomes Obsolete
    The more that technology advances, the faster new and more efficient versions are designed. This is a problem because you may have the newest and best piece of technology, but it will become obsolete in very little time. It is causing our landfills to be filled up with no longer used computers, cell phones, and other things that are damaging to the environment.
  4. It creates new temptations.
    Technology creates a social access. This makes it tempting for workers to spend time on their favorite social games or reviewing Facebook updates instead of actually doing their work. It may reduce workplace conversations, but it can increase personal texts and emails.



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