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The Boys @ Amazon Prime is “Most Popular” than any Netflix Season / Show

The Boys - Battle of the Superheroes



Officially its been declared and announced according to data analytics and screen rant, Parrot Analytics that the first season of Amazon Prime’s “THE BOYS” chartered a much more notable and trajectory package than rival Marvel shows such as Daredevil and Jessica Jones.

Analysts picked up on the fact that demand for The Boys was higher than that of the Netflix shows before it aired, which saw demand ‘increased by a factor of three’ in the week leading up to its release thanks to a strong marketing approach by Amazon Prime.

The Boys, Amazon Prime Video

Meanwhile, the analytics firm pointed out that, in comparison, Netflix didn’t really spend much money on marketing, instead relying on the Netflix algorithm to recommend shows to viewers.

So it seems, sometimes, man really is more powerful than machine.

Trish and Jessica in Marvel's Jessica Jones season 2

Instead, interest in The Boys have actually increased over the two weeks buzz that went excited after its premiere before finally peaking a fortnight later, with word of mouth and marketing being credited for the show’s increasing popularity and demand remaining at a high level for much of its first month of release.

The data also shows that while The Boys is dropping towards a base level now, it’s again expected to be higher than that of the Marvel shows, securing its new title of Most Popular Superhero Series.

THE BOYS SEASON 1 is now live and available on Amazon Prime Video.

 Season 2 will be available by 2020.

Source: digitalspy 

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