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The Uses of Function Keys on your Keyboard


In earlier days, before the commencement of Social Media Age, the keyboard of the desktop computers were in tremendous usage which made the user acknowledge the use of various keys and tabs on it. Here are the various uses of different functions keys as shortcuts which you are keen to know…

F1 – Opens the HELP screen for almost every program

F2 – Allows you to RENAME a selected folder of file name

F3 – Opens an instant SEARCH feature for an application currently being used.

F4 – If pressed along after with the ALT Key, closes the active window.

F5 – Allows you to REFRESH the webpage, a page or a document window.

F6 – Moves the CURSOR to the address bar in most Internet Browsers.

F7 – Used to Spell Check and Grammer Check a document in Microsoft Apps such as MS Word, Excel, etc.

F8 – Helps you to open safe mode or a boot menu or restarting the computer.

F9 – Instant button to Send/Receive Emails in your Outlook, and helps to refreshes a document being used.

F10 – Activates the navigation or menu bar in an open app, also Shift + F10 is used for right clicking option.

F11 – Enters and Exits the FULL SCREEN mode on a computer.

F12 – Opens the SAVE AS dialog box while using a document app.


The F1 to F12 keys are usually located on the upper row of the keyboard. Usually we dont find it useful in our daily lives anymore. But still after knowing it is definite you will pop its use atleast once.

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