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The World’s Most Instagrammable Lantern Festival is Coming to Dubai

The one day festival is open to all ages and welcomes every culture for a unique experience.


Making it’s way to Dubai for their very first international festival, Las Vegas’ Rise is all set to take place this year on November 8th.

The one day festival is open to all ages and welcomes every culture for a unique experience that will end by releasing thousands of lanterns into the night sky in the most perfect, aesthetically pleasing shot for Instagram.

Yet to be announced, Rise is also anticipated to host musical acts that will make for a picture-perfect backdrop as the sky lights up. The event, which debuted at the Mojave Desert, has witnessed more than a 100,000 people in the past few years. And for the first time ever, the annual event will take place in the sandy dunes of the Dubai deserts.

Source: NBC News

The event is also environment friendly and promises a sustainable attitude. Each lantern will be customized free of plastic or metal, making it 100 percent biodegradable.

Following their official mantra, “Leave it better than we found it,” once the event is over, all lanterns will be retrieved and any post-party litter, as well as any pre-existing mess, will be cleared from the surrounding desert.

Since 2014, the event has been sold out every year but interested people can register for early bird tickets on Rise’s official website.

Source: Vogue Arabia

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