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Tips for a Perfect Interview


Use Appropriate Body Language

What you don’t say matters just as much as what you do say. Your body language and facial expressions inform an employer how engaged you are in conversation and how interested you are in the opportunity. Smile, exhibit confidence, and listen carefully so you respond appropriately and know how to build on the conversation.

Speak professionally.

Try to sound like you’re a natural for the job. Avoid immature sounding speaking patterns, such as peppering your speech with too many “likes” and tilting the end of your sentences up so they sound like questions instead of statements.

Avoid negativity.

Projecting an air of professionalism means staying poised and positive at all times. If you have to describe a negative situation, frame it in the most diplomatic way possible. Try not to denigrate your current or past employers or coworkers.

Ask smart questions.

Come prepared with a few good questions about the position and your responsibilities. Also, you can highlight your ability to analyze and think quickly on your feet by posing questions about key issues that emerge during the interview.

End on a high note.

Go out the same way you came in—with a big smile and a firm handshake. Add a sincere thanks for your hiring manager’s time and consideration and don’t forget to ask about the next step in the hiring process before you make your exit.

Make a good first impression.

The right attitude is equal parts warmth, politeness, humble gratitude, sincerity, and enthusiasm. Lavish your full attention on everyone you encounter at the interview site, from the parking attendant to the receptionist. Greet your interviewer with a big smile and a firm handshake.

Sell yourself.

Sure, the hiring manager has had a chance to look over your application materials, but you can’t rely on your resume to help you land the job. They need to know exactly how you can help this organization succeed. Make the most compelling, persuasive case for yourself that you can master.

Keep tabs on your body language.

It’s important to relax, but don’t let yourself get too comfortable. Maintain good posture and eye contact, keep your gestures limited and controlled and try to eliminate nervous tics.


Source : hcareers

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