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Tips & Tweaks to Overcome few Health Ailments

  • A Pimple or Pimples!!!

You can shrink a pimple instantly in minutes by putting a dab of Listerine / Toothpaste on it. After minutes when u feel a burn pinch, rinse it well with warm water. It might not evade off, but visibility fades, due to amount of alcohol contains helps to dry it off quickly.

  • A Sore Throat!!

Marshmallows… Yes it works


Honey with crunched Cinnamon over a warm glass of water.

  • Sleepless Maniac!!!

Drinking of warm Milk in Winters or Cold

/ or /

Cold Milk in Summers or Hot Weather

  • Obesity!!!

30 minutes of Intense Running a day

/ or /

Drinking 15 glasses of Hot Warm Water Daily.

  • Hairfall Reduction & Recovery!!!

Reduce usage of Hair Oil

Increase intake of Chicken or Fish in your Diet.

As lack of Protein and increase of lipid factor in your body results in enormous moisture or oily texture at your scalp, which results in weakening hair roots and increase of your hair fall.

  • Double Chin & Bulky Face!!!

Start Smiling and Laughter Therapy

Work on your (Respiration) inhaling and exhaling routine…

  • High Cholesterol!!!

Lemon Juice… Thats it

  • Migraine!!!

Drinking of water before or after any task at your work or a stressful task.

Avoid direct flow of air through Air Condition / Fan at your face, in ears or eyes.

  • Knee / Joint Pains!!!

Inappropriate Shoe Wears.. Definitely

Lack of Stretching after morning wake ups and maybe once a day.

If not lack of calcium intake in your diet.

  • Memory Loss!!!

Have crunchy snacks once in a day.

/ or /

Increase Iron intake in your diet.(Feroglobin)

  • Quit Smoking!!!

Running exercise Off course.. or Chewing Gums

If not helpful, using of Sauna 3 days in a row can cause intense sweating which reduces and depletes the nicotine level in your blood and body, that helps in overcoming smoking tempts.

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