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Unbelievable Coca- Cola Hacks that will Blow Your Mind


Coca-Cola has been a widely popular and favored drink all around the world for many years to date. Whether you love yourself a refreshing can of Coke on a typical basis or you simply enjoy one every now and then — there’s no denying the unbelievably addictive effect this drink has.

But what if we were to tell you that a can of Coke can be used for removing stains in your clothes or as an amazing bug repellent? You probably wouldn’t believe us, right? Well, not only are these incredible statements true, but there are many, MANY other Coca- Cola hacks that will completely blow your mind and we’ve got a few of them just for you.

So get ready to be wowed, because your favorite fizzy drink isn’t only good for drinking, and you’re about to find out how!




  • Rust removerCoca-Cola literally eats rust. If a metal surface is looking a little worse for wear, submerge it in the drink overnight and then give it a good scrubbing in the morning. It should look as good as new!
  • Stain remover: The carbonic, phosphoric and citric acids present in Coke make it a fantastic stain remover. In fact, this is the reason for most of the drink’s special cleaning powers. Just dab a little on a stain, let it sit for a few minutes and then throw it into the wash.
  • Toilet bowl cleaner: Open up a can or bottle of Coke, and pour it along the rim of your toilet bowl, making sure it flows over any stains below. Then, let the soda sit in there for at least an hour (the longer, the better). Afterwards, all you have to do is scrub with a toilet brush and flush!
  • Descale a Kettle: This one is super-easy. Fill up your kettle with Coke before bed, and then let it sit overnight. When you wake up, pour the soda out and then scrub with a sponge or cloth – it should be spotless. This trick also works on teapots.
  • Chrome polisher: It’s easy for chrome to lose its luster. Fix that by scrubbing it with Coke and tinfoil. Some people find this works better than using products available in store.
  • Clean burned potsYou know those stubborn burn marks that won’t wash away? To get rid of them, pour Coke inside the pot and then set it on a stove to boil. Once it’s hot, use a scrubbing brush to clear those marks off for good.


  • Hair conditionerThe science is out on this one, but Suki Waterhouse swears by Coke as a hair conditioner. She’s admitted to rinsing with it to give her locks a “tousled” effect. Um, she is beautiful, and has nice hair…
  • Get gum out of hairThis is super-handy. If there’s gum in your hair (or your kid’s hair), all you have to do is soak or submerge the affected hair in Coke for about five minutes. The gum should then slide right off with ease!




  • Stomach blockagesA study out of Athens University found that stomach blockages “were more likely to dissolve after initial attempt with Coca-Cola”. Of course, we would always recommend checking with your doctor first.
  • Wasp stings : In theory, the acids present in Coke could help neutralize the alkaline sting of a wasp (bee stings are acidic, so it wouldn’t work). The only problem is, a wasp’s venom is injected into the skin, so dumping Coke on it likely won’t help, unless you act really fast.

  • Anti-nausea remedyThe active ingredients in anti-nausea medication are almost identical to what’s inside Coke. If you’re feeling a little queasy and want to try this as your remedy, just ensure the pop has gone flat first. Otherwise, the carbonation could help irritate your stomach even further.
  • Pesticide: Filling a bowl of Coke and placing it near a garden will draw insects to it. Once they lean in for a drink, they will slip, fall and drown in the soda (we never said it would be pretty).
  • Car battery cleaner: If your car battery is corroding and leaving behind that gross residue, a little Coke should get it right off. Since the corrosion is a mild alkali, it reacts with the acid in soda, helping to remove it.
  • Compost catalyst: If you happen to have your own compost area, a little soda should help jumpstart the rotting process. The mild acids will help break down the organic matter and will also attract bugs, who will be happy to help out.
  • FOOD


  • Insta-slushie: Hot day? Grab a fresh bottle or can of Coke and shake it up as much as you can, to build up pressure inside. Then, stick it in your freezer for exactly 3 hours and fifteen minutes. When you remove the bottle or can, the Coke inside will still look like a liquid. But just wait until you pour it out (we can’t guarantee this will taste good).
  • BBQ Sauce: All you need is Coke, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, some A-1 steak sauce and spices.
  • Brownie mix: Mixing brownie mix with Coca-Cola is the best idea you’ve never heard of.
  • Steak marinade: If Coke is what you drink on the side of your steak dinner, you’ve been missing out. Add a little soda to your next marinade and tell us we’re wrong!

Source : The Loop

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