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Victoria Beckham Teases Her New Beauty Line

Victoria Beckham gave followers a sneak peek at her in-development beauty line, Victoria Beckham Beauty.


While the fashion mogul’s latest project has been in the works for some time, Victoria Beckham’s beauty products are finally set to launch this fall.

“From labs to meetings,” Beckham wrote on Instagram while sharing an image of her standing in a vast shelf-lined room with hundreds of jars. Clad in a white lab coat monogrammed with her famous initials, the designer held up a pinkish colored bottle that warranted more than a few questions about its contents. Could the container hold a new shimmering highlighter to mimic Beckham’s own sculpted cheekbones? Or the perfect nude pout that has practically become a staple in the former Spice Girl’s beauty wardrobe?


Source: Victoria Beckham Instagram

Although the SKUs have been kept pretty under wraps, Beckham did release some information on her Instagram story this week revealing the line will include makeup, skincare and eventually fragrance. Considering that Beckham’s 2016 makeup collaboration with Estée Lauder sold out online and on eBay soon after its debut, this one is likely to fly off the shelves when it arrives.

Source: Vogue US

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